General Information

Development of the game began at 2014-03-07.
The english version of the game is currently at e1.0.7 (2019-07-07).

Size (w/o RTP): 234 MB
Size (with RTP): 390 MB

One morning, Nara wakes from a strange dream and realizes that nothing is as she used to believe. Only a powerful sorceress, who had turned her into a human when she was still an infant, can help her. However, that is not where the story ends - it is just the beginning.

In Orphan of the Stars, you follow Nara through Aventira, always hunted by the Praetorians.
Explore the land, help the inhabitants and eventually confront your true enemy in a final battle. Will Nara learn the truth about her journey and find the peace she hoped for in the end?

Orphan of the Stars was created using RPG Maker VX Ace. It started out as a small project for testing the engine, but eventually turned into a fully fledged game.
It has 404 maps, 70 audio files, 586 graphics and 2 videos (not including RTP).