Orphan of the Stars is "donationware".

What does that mean?
You can download and play the game for free and without limitations at any time.
If you like it and wish to support me in developing the second time - "Child of two Worlds", you can do this via a small donation as you feel inclined. This is completely voluntary, of course.

My PayPal link is
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Current version: e1.0.7 (Version History)
You can use save files from earlier versions in newer versions of the game. Just copy the files named "SaveXX.rvdata2" from the old version's root directory into the new version's root directory.
If a new version is incompatible with old save files (this can happen in case of changes to enemies or the bestiary), it will be marked as such in the version history.

There currently is a bug that occurs if two enemy events attack at the same time. After the second event is defeated, it does not disappear but keeps triggering fights. In this case you must flee from the fight so the event resets. This appears to be a bug in the battle script. However, I did not create this script and the developer sadly no longer offers any support.

Orphan of the Stars without RTP (235 MB download)
This version can only run if you have the RPG Maker VX Ace installed.

Orphan of the Stars with RTP (390 MB download)
Download this version if you do not own the RPG Maker VX Ace.

Do you have any questions, critique, suggestions or you found a bug?
Contact me at